Social Actions

Many standard social actions and informations can be embedded in the page by adding simple set of attributes to any markup element.

Identity Widget

Render a dynamic, self updating identity and connexion widget, that will offer the user to login when disconnected, and show his picture and name when connected, along with the option to disconnect.

<div data-oahu-widget="identity"></div>

Automatic Share actions :

Add those attributes to any markup element to make it clickable, and start a share action when clicked. You can specify what network to share on, If you need to share a specific object instead of the current page, specify the object’s ID and every field will be populated automatically.

<a href="#" data-oahu-action="ui.share" data-oahu-provider="facebook" data-oahu-id="4efc93e6080fd00001000001">Partager la vidéo sur Facebook</a>

Partager la vidéo sur Facebook