Widgets Reference

Widgets are a big help in building complete web pages, without any custom code.

We offer many ready-to-use widgets, that you can use in your page, such as video players, quizzes, image galleries, activity feeds, login/logout/user ID blocks.

All of those are fully managed by the platform. Add the following attribute like data-oahu-widget='quiz' data-oahu-id='{QUIZ_ID}' to a markup element, and the whole logic, markup and style will be rendered automatically.

The markup is fully editable, with a featured template system, and the widgets are completely skinnable. You can either override the basic CSS with either one of our production-ready themes, or start from scratch and completely change it’s appearance.

You can access the Javascript widget that is instanciated very easily and safely : $("#widget_id").data('oahu-widget') with jQuery will return you the currently instanciated widget on this element.

If you want to, you can build your own widgets, by extending an already existing widget, or even creating your own from scratch (doc. link to come)

The following widgets are available :

Social Widgets

Content Widgets

Game widgets