Oahu is a hosted, realtime Social Application Framework.


We host your media and make it easy to use it in any place.

We provide the tools to plan and publish contents on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, from a single place, monitor and reply to comments, and get statistics for each network.

We provide application building blocks you can use immediately, such as :

  • Single sign-on to get uniquely identified users through any of your platforms
  • Integrated sharing buttons, automatic tracking, monitoring tools
  • Rich Widgets with hosted contents and mechanics
  • Realtime push communication
  • Automatically populated and personalized Activity feeds

We provide complete server-to-server APIs to enable your application to retreive and set data hosted in Oahu

We provide a gamification layer you can use to add game components : Achievements, Badges, Currencies, Equipments, Leaderboards…


We strive to host most, if not all of an application’s data and mechanics, with a set of standard objects.

Those objects are :

Using Oahu

All of this is packaged and available to the application you’re building via libraries and APIs that you can use to integrate Oahu quickly and painlessly.