Quizzes are a widely used type of game, so we packaged those as completely functionnal apps, while preserving a completely editable structure and appearance.

Our quiz engine can accept several options that impact it’s mechanics :

Options can be specified to allow

  • Free or Timed quizzes
  • Question timers, limiting the time available to answer each question
  • Paginated or one-page quizzes
  • Allow to complete a quiz without answering every question.

Technical details for those options are explained in the Quiz developer docs

Customizing the quiz

  • Buttons, questions and answers can be overriden quickly styled with CSS.
  • If you need more control, developers can replace every part of a quiz using a standard templating system described in the Quiz developer docs
  • The Quiz developer docs also explain how to create advanced mechanics by hooking up to every step of the quiz and override its behaviour