Games Reference

We provide a rich set of game mechanics you can build your game upon. They are standard, time-tested basic concepts you can combine in many ways to set up game mechanics :

Game Objects


A player holds the data generated by a User when using an Application. (see Players)


Goals the Player must achieve


Reward given to the Player when an achievement is unlocked


Units of value the user can earn or lose, can be money, experience, …


Objects the player can Own and/or Equip


Rankings of objects according to a metric. You can get leaderboards for Users according to their number of achievements, one of their currencies count, or rank Videos according to their view count.

Leaderboards can give you the first elements, last elements, or even a number of entries around your position. You decide.

Packaged Games

Those objects are low-level game concepts that can be combined, and we’re confident that they allow creating a wide range of game mechanics.

We have built and released simple, packaged games on our Github pages.
You will find several PHP and Ruby applications, built using those objects to offer several ready-to-use apps.

We also have completely functional, hosted games :

You can configure those using the Backend, instanciate them as Widgets, or full pages without any server-side code.

Those games are built with extensibility in mind :

  • A generic markup is provided, and written to enable simple CSS overrides.
  • You can override any part of the markup with your own templates, for complete control over the look and feel.
  • The application itself has many hooks developer can use to alter its behaviour.