Brand Content & Community Management

Using the Backend, start by adding content to your project, such as videos, images, create applications, and quizzes.

Next, connect one or more Publication Accounts to the Project, such as a Facebook Wall, a Twitter account, a Youtube account.

Every bit of data can then be “published” to those Publication Accounts.

The resulting action will depend on the object being posted and the network type. Obviously, a video being published on Facebook will upload this video to the Wall.

But many more things can be published.
Even publications can themselves be published.

Choose a Video you posted on Youtube, then publish it to Facebook to see it embedded on the wall, instantly. The possibilities are endless.

We also allow you to schedule posts, for precise timing and easier campaign management.

For every publication you create, Oahu will fill in the most details it can, and craft tailored posts that reach the audience, and engage them more.