Single sign-on, Sharing & Tracking

With the Single-sign on components built into Oahu.js, the users will be already be connected if they interacted with Oahu in the past.

Otherwise, they will be automatically asked to connect with the right network for the action they want to perform when needed.

Once they are logged on, You will then be able to request data about them on Oahu and the user’s social accounts seamlessly, such as their Facebook Friends, Twitter Followees, get those that also have interacted with the current Oahu application and much more.

You even get a full proxy with the host network’s API, meaning you can query any Facebook method for any data if you need to.

Sharing is simplified with common methods that ensure content is filled properly, the share is tracked, and generates Oahu activity.

Every standard action (Page/Video view, share, login/logout, Badge wins…) is tracked automatically by the platform. No setup necessary. You can also track your own custom actions, without any configuration. We will host, aggregate and display them.

Using the Oahu.js library, you gain access to the following :

  • Tracking and User Funnels are handled automatically
  • A set of rich Widgets that refresh themselves when needed
  • Realtime Push communication allowing the Oahu to push events and data to the client without any setup
  • A set of Tracking APIs to track any metric and action
  • A set of Sharing APIs to handle sharing to social networks, that can automatically fill the fields of those dialogs with the right data

If you want to use bare-bones Javascript methods, of course everything is available in a structured manner.

Check out the developer documentation to learn more