Several SDKs and APIs are available, through which you can interact with the platform.


The Oahu.js library

Oahu.js is a extremely simple but powerful javascript library you can drop in and use with no server-side dependencies.

Oahu.js handles single sign-on and authentication, realtime push communication, rich widgets, automatic tracking and monitoring, and simplified sharing.


Built on Oahu.js, Widgets enable anyone to build entire dynamic, realtime and user personalized pages using standard Markup, without any Javascript development.

Oahu SDKs

Server Libraries

We have packaged server libraries in PHP and Ruby, allowing you to request data from server to server.

With an App ID & Secret, your application will be able to request data from the APIs seamlessly

Those libraries handle Caching strategies and authentication data automatically.

Oahu APIs

Graph API

The Graph API allows you to get structured data about any object as JSON, but also fully rendered pages, complete with Facebook Opengraph Tags, or as iframes, for easy embedding of contents

Rest API

Use the REST API to develop your server components, and request data from Oahu in a structured and powerful way