Welcome to Oahu’s user documentation and knowledge base.

Oahu is a hosted, realtime Social Application Platform.

It is a feature rich platform. We strive to make it’s architecture and usage as transparent and straightforward as possible.

We have written several documents that should help you figure out the vast array of uses for the platform.

This documentation explains several High-level concepts about Oahu. It’s considered a must-read for everyone.

Don’t worry, it’s quite short and full of examples

  • The Overview covers the basics. What the platform offers, what it can do, how it is used.

  • The Widget Reference lists the building blocks you can use to create complete social and interactive pages with a minimal amount of work.

  • The Games Reference will give you details on how the Gamification layer is built, the ready-made games available, and information on how to build your own.

  • The API & SDKs Reference describes the interfaces for most Oahu functionality and explain the differences between each.

Having Trouble ?

Report bugs, errors, defects and make observations using our Tickets system (Be sure to Register first, a registration form is available on the home page)